Noah Shrader’s Year in a Bottle: 365 Days of Green Goodness™ Challenge
POSTED: 09/06/2013

Noah Shrader, a 29 year-old Memphis interactive designer and developer, embarked on a life changing journey in 2010. One friend, one road trip, and one conference later, Noah found the motivation and inspiration for Year In a Bottle: 365 Days of Green Goodness™ Challenge. Three years later, Noah has once again challenged himself to drink a glass of Green Goodness™ everyday for an entire year.

What was your inspiration behind Year in the Bottle?

It all started back in 2010 when my friend took me to this Tony Robins conference. I went there as an unhealthy person. I walked into the conference after eating donuts and horrible food. The entire seminar Tony Robins who was ripped was drinking and promoting this wheat grass drink. Coming from sweets and fried foods, wheat grass did not sound appetizing. The second day focused on healthy food and what foods give you the most energy. In order for me to make a lifestyle change, I need an emotional trigger for me to stay health, something to hold me accountable. Initially, I chose Green Goodness™ because wheat grass drink, the closest I could get to Tony Robins’ drink without throwing up.

Why Bolthouse Farm’s Green Goodness™?

I had a long road trip home. Fourteen hours back to Memphis from Florida. I had an epiphany that I am going to start right now, on this road trip. I went to the store and I came across Bolthouse juices right next to Naked. The presentation got me. Bolthouse had a lot more nutrients than Naked and that kick started it for me. I had the whole 32 bottle in car. It kind of stuck. I did a P90x every day and after had Green Goodness™ to replace carbs. Something in that Green Goodness™ made me feel really good. I got to that level I always wanted to get to with how I looked and felt. Then I switched jobs and had my daughter. I gained weight and wasn’t drinking Green Goodness™. Sixty-seven days ago I decided to get back to where I was in 2010. The reason I started with Green Goodness™ is because it is an emotional trigger for me. Anytime I see it or drink it, I taste that taste and sets me back to that mindset in 2010 where I made the biggest change in my life. This is not a challenge to lose weight; it is a life style change. Green Goodness™ constantly reminds me to be healthy.

How do your friends and family feel about your Year in a Bottle?

My family is supportive and they follow my eating habits. My wife loves the drink and she drinks along with me. We don’t just do Green Goodness™ either, we do Chocolate Protein Plus. My daughter is seven months and she grabs for the Green Goodness™. People in my office don’t understand and they are all creative’s and they are expecting next trend type project. I think they are missing the point of what I am trying to do. My family and wife are very supportive and allowing me to spend money on juices. This is for my own personal good. I converted one of my friends to Green Goodness™ and she has to buy it every week now. Its cool seeing someone else is intrigued by what you are doing. Same thing happened with another good buddy of mine. Everyone I talk to loves it. There is this guy who reviews hamburgers and he is drinking it now.

How did you feel before the challenge began?

Honestly, I was miserable before it. Green Goodness™ is an emotional trigger, it reminds me of the seminar, and brings back thoughts of empowerment. I consistently eat a salad instead of the ice cream at work. And I have been working out during the days. With Green Goodness™ , the motivation is there.

How do you feel now?

I feel great.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the challenge?

It’s the constant habit of anyone trying to be healthy. There is that line between losing weight and being healthy. You need to see it to believe it. Is this stuff really helping? I see the different because I am working out but really what is this contributing to? I need to keep in mind that living healthy is key and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m making sure that I can condition that habit because I can walk over to the cafeteria and see a fat person and say I am not that fat I can eat a couple of cookies. I can continue to eat this, it’s not so bad. We compare ourselves to who were are and not our potential.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of the challenge?

Continuing to squelch that habit of eating because I was an emotional eater. I have a passion for food. I love food, I love the taste of it, the different flavors, I just get caught up in that. The biggest reward is to cut that out and to continue to keep that focus. The Bolthouse Farms label reminds me of the grocery store moment, that energy and passion to change. When I see that, it is all reflected in Bolthouse.

What advice would you give to those who are struggling and looking to make a change?

To make any drastic change you have to get to that point where I must do it or I have to do it. You have to get to that point or you will get caught in the “I would like to or I should.” You need to get to the mindset that this is a change that has to happen and take drastic action. This is something you should do and have to do. If you are looking to make a change, take immediate action, don’t wait. Go to the grocery store. Go full force. Don’t make excuses or focused on the pain. Cut back on sweets. Stop drinking coke. Stop making excuses. Make it happen.

What’s after day 365?

Being healthy and the challenge is not a life style change, this is a lifestyle choice I will continue to make.

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